Thalassophobia - Fear Of The Sea


Thalassophobia - fear of the sea was my fear. Phobia Release helped me overcome my fear in no time.

I was surprised at how fast and easy it was to do this myself.

Overcoming a fear is something I can only say is exciting.

To be able to do some things because you are no long afraid is incredible.

I am so pleased with how the book helped me that I had to write and tell you myself.

Thank you for providing this book to people that need help and have not found it anywhere else. You are wonderful for doing this good deed.

Beth Miller

Other Names

Fear of Ocean

Fear of Oceans

Fear of Sea

Fear of The Ocean

Fear of The Sea

Ocean Fear

Ocean Phobia

Oceans Fear

Oceans Phobia

Phobia of Ocean

Phobia of Oceans

Phobia of Sea

Phobia of The Ocean

Phobia of The Sea

Sea Fear

Sea Phobia

The Ocean Fear

The Ocean Phobia

The Sea Fear

The Sea Phobia

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