Telephonophobia - Fear Of Telephones


I guess that some people would pray for their wives to have this, but it was a upset in my home.

I had Telephonophobia - fear of telephones and refused to have one in sight, but I my family needed to have one.

Energy Therapy was able to help me overcome my fear and allow the telephone to sit out instead of being hid away.

Family and friends like it and so does my family.

Overcoming my fear was nice, but I just do not want people to think I want to spend hours on the phone. Thank you for your help.

Pamela Franzen

Other Names

Cold Calling Anxiety

Cold Calling Phobia

Fear of Cold Calling

Fear of Making Phone Calls

Fear of Phone

Fear of Phones

Fear of Telephone

Fear of Telephones

Phobia of Phone

Phobia of Phones

Phobia of Telephone

Phobia of Telephones

Phone Fear

Phone Phobia

Phones Fear

Phones Phobia

Telephone Fear

Telephone Phobia

Telephones Fear

Telephones Phobia

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