Thaasophobia - Fear Of Sitting


Overcoming Thaasophobia - fear of sitting was wonderful. I cannot tell you how I felt being afraid to sit anywhere.

Not that my health was in jeopardy, but I always had sore legs everywhere I went.

I bought the book Energy Therapy and used what I had read to cure my phobia of sitting.

I am now able to be comfortable sitting and enjoying conversation with others instead of having to stand.

The book was helpful and helped me overcome my problem. I have to say thank you for this book and I wished I had found it years ago.

Markus Keller

Other Names


Fear of Sit

Fear of Sitting

Fear of Sitting Down


Phobia of Sit

Phobia of Sitting

Phobia of Sitting Down

Sit Fear

Sit Phobia

Sitting Down Fear

Sitting Down Phobia

Sitting Fear

Sitting Phobia

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