Galeophobia Or Gatophobia - Fear Of Cats

Galeophobia Or Gatophobia

Galeophobia or Gatophobia- fear of cats was my problem, except I was afraid of the big cats at the animal reserve where I work.

I could be along all the animals except these big beautiful cats. I was deathly afraid of them for no reason.

I new that one was going to have cubs soon and I so wanted to touch them and play with them, so I had to overcome my fear.

I read Energy Therapy and it helped me in overcoming my fear. I was so happy the day the cubs were born and I could touch them and be with them without fear. Thank you for helping me.

Janie Forward

Other Names:


Cat Fear

Cat Phobia

Cats Fear

Cats Phobia


Fear of Cat

Fear of Cats

Fear of Feline

Fear of Felines

Feline Fear

Feline Phobia

Felines Fear

Felines Phobia




Phobia of Cat

Phobia of Cats

Phobia of Feline

Phobia of Felines

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