The Complete List of Phobia and Cure D

Decidophobia - Fear of making decisions.

Defecaloesiophobia - Fear of painful bowels movements.

Deipnophobia- Fear of dining or dinner conversations.

Dementophobia - Fear of insanity.

Demonophobia or Daemonophobiaz - Fear of demons.

Demophobia- Fear of crowds. (Agoraphobia)

Dendrophobia - Fear of trees.

Dentophobia - Fear of dentists.

Dermatophobia - Fear of skin lesions.

Dermatosiophobia or Dermatophobia or Dermatopathophobia- Fear of skin disease.

Dextrophobia - Fear of objects at the right side of the body.

Diabetophobia - Fear of diabetes.

Didaskaleinophobia - Fear of going to school.

Dikephobia - Fear of justice.

Dinophobia - Fear of dizziness or whirlpools.

Diplophobia - Fear of double vision.

Dipsophobia - Fear of drinking.

Dishabiliophobia - Fear of undressing in front of someone.

Domatophobia - Fear of houses or being in a house.(Eicophobia, Oikophobia)

Doraphobia - Fear of fur or skins of animals.

Doxophobia - Fear of expressing opinions or of receiving praise.

Dromophobia - Fear of crossing streets.

Dutchphobia - Fear of the Dutch.

Dysmorphophobia - Fear of deformity.

Dystychiphobia - Fear of accidents.

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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