Diet And Manic Depression

How I Understood Diet And Manic Depression

I learned early that diet and manic depression need to be reckoned with before I could help with my condition.

The proper diet is important when you are a manic-depressive. I was never worried about what I ate or drank until I learned that eating the right foods and staying away from alcohol was the only way to control my disorder.

Manic depression causes are hard to find out, but with the help of a doctor and support group, I now understand the causes and am doing everything I can to avoid disaster. I want to have a family, but I have to take it slow because of my medication.

The support group is helping me realize that I can have a baby, I just have to arrange my life in a way that will allow me to stop my medications long enough to carry a baby to term. My husband is from a big family and after I was diagnosed with manic depression, I told him he could leave me.

He told me that he was not leaving and we would work together to find a way. Diet and manic depression disorder can work without medication if I keep my world simple and continue with my support group.

I have now changed my diet and I feel better about ceasing my medication so we can try for a baby. The doctor is working with us and we hope to take it one day at a time.

I am not anxious or anything which is a good sign. We would like to find out soon that we will be parents in the near future, but like everyone keeps telling me, I have to stay calm, eat right and just let nature take its course.

Diet and manic depression control is what we are practicing right now, so that we can a baby together.

Cindy Blevons, Arizona

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