Manic Depression In Children

My Experience With Manic Depression In Children

If you have never had to deal with manic depression in children, you have no idea how helpless one can feel not knowing what is going on inside your child.

The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming. The manic depression causes are not as easy to diagnose as they are in an adult. I found out about manic depression early in my child's life, which I was thankful for at the time.

If I had not known about the causes and symptoms, my child may have suffered more. Manic depression in child or children needs to be addressed early so they can live a normal life.

Manic depression in children is not as uncommon as once thought. Many children do have signs or symptoms of manic depression. As a parent, I was not aware of many things that my child was going through. I just assumed it was all part of the growing process, until I found an article about manic depression causes and learned more about the symptoms.

I realized early on that my child was displaying some of the classic signs of having manic depression episodes. I was not quick to judge him, but I did take him to a doctor for some testing and discussions.

Manic depression in child or children is something that parents do not want to see or believe. I had to accept what was happening to my child and take action. The doctor referred us to a specialist that could help us determine the cause and the proper treatment.

My son is never going to be able to stop his medication, but he can control his manic-depressive behavior and live his life as any other child or adult. Manic depression in children is rare, but not as rare as I thought, according to the doctors and other parents I have met.

Janet Jasper, Wisconsin

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