How To Define Manic Depression

What is Manic Depression?

How to define manic depression is hard to do because everyone has a different experience with a different cause.

The manic depression definition is so vague because every individual is different. You can read about the definition of manic depression and think that it has nothing to do with you. The truth is that you might be wrong.

Manic depression is not defined by one particular thing. It can be something that might not be prominent to you, but combined with something else. Many people do not know that they have a form of depression. I was exactly like that when a friend thought I might be showing signs of manic-depressive behavior.

I would get off work and join friends for a few drinks. I was recently divorced and found myself not wanting to go home. I would stay out to late and not be able to go to work. Them I would become upset for missing work and miss yet another day because all I wanted to do was sleep.

It would take family or friends coming to my house to get me out to work. A friend talked to me about manic-depressive behavior and suggested that I join him at one of his talk sessions for people with depression. This was how to define manic depression for me.

I listened to others who had some of the same symptoms and causes, which started me thinking about what was really going on with me. I was showing signs of depression for sure, but I was shocked to learn that my signs and behavior were more or less signs of a manic-depressive.

I have been in treatment now thanks to my friend and have learned how to handle different situations. Again, how to define manic depression is going to be different for everyone.

Scott Jennings, Minnesota

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