Manic Depression Medicine

My Manic Depression Medicine

Many people including myself have some problems with the manic depression medicine.

Some of the medicines that doctors prescribe make us feel unable to function at our jobs or in a family environment. I have expressed my concerns to my doctor and he is working with me to find medicines and other alternatives that will allow me to completely function in everything I want to do.

I have the support of my family, which helps me as well. I do experiment with different other techniques and see if I can go without drugs or other medicines.

To date, I am still bound to drugs. I am still searching and hopeful that some day I will be able to stop using the manic depression medicine and still function and live a healthy and happy life. The medicine does help me as it probably helps everyone else, but my goal is to be able to stop using the medicine by finding other alternatives.

I have changed my diet and I regularly excise to get the blood pumping. I have found that these two things are helping. You would be surprised at how well I feel. I look forward to cutting back on my medicine so I can see how it works.

My doctor has agreed to monitor me and chart the progress closely to see if I can indeed use this alternative rather than taking the drugs.

It is a big step, but my family is standing behind me and promises to also monitor my actions to see if things take a turn for the worst. I, however, am very excited about doing this and will do anything that is needed to free myself from the medicine.

I may not succeed, but with my dedication and determination, I believe I can wean myself from the manic depression medicine and so can you with help.

Bob Harlan, Wisconsin

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