Drug For Manic Depression

My Drug For Manic Depression

I know I have been having trouble with my medication for a while now and have been doing some research into finding a different drug for manic depression.

Manic depression causes are just one-step towards living a normal life for me, but I need to find a drug that does not make me feel high as some would call it.

I want to find a drug that allows me to be a perfectly normal functioning adult. I have asked my doctor to work with me on this and he has agreed. It will be like experimenting, but I need to find a compromise to taking drugs and still enjoy life.

You should start looking at different for a different drug for manic depression if you feel like the drugs you are using may be making you a bit dysfunctional.

I have found out that some of the drugs I have taken have side effects that I am not comfortable with and have talked to my doctor about this concern. She assures me that she can work with other drugs if I feel it is necessary.

I have learned about the manic depression causes and I am working on that as well. I would love to do away with the drugs if I could or maybe find one that helps without the side effects that make me feel blah.

If you feel like I do, you could talk with your doctor and see if maybe another drug might work a little better for you. I think everything needs to be considered. I think more rationally now with the drugs, but I do want to look at other options as well.

I know you are probably thinking the same way I am. I know that the drug for manic depression needs to be just right to work, but I still want to enjoy my life as everyone does.

Keli Hanson, Kentucky

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