Manic Depression In Canada

About Manic Depression In Canada

I hope that this can help someone. I wanted to talk about manic depression in Canada.

I live in Canada and have some great support groups that are very helpful for people suffering from manic depression. In addition, there is a great treatment facility here has different alternatives to medications.

I know people do not like to talk about the issue or manic depression causes, but it is something that can happen to anyone. I have been in a support group for a year now and I look forward to going. I will stay with the group because I feel that it is benefiting me more than I ever thought it would.

Manic depression in Canada is just as much a problem as it is in the other countries. I moved here from the United States seven years ago and started noticing chances in myself that concerned my family and me. I was diagnosed manic depressive and started treatments.

The manic depression causes were more than likely a result of the move and being so far away from family and friends. My husband is a workaholic that was never home, so I was all alone. We lived in a secluded area and my depression escalated.

I had to buy an old car to get me back and forth to the meetings for the support group, but I have made friends and have been able to do things that I otherwise could not bring myself to do. I am not alone anymore and my marriage is stronger than it was when we moved here.

The medications are a bit much for me to take, but I hope to find a different way to help myself. Manic depression in Canada is just as it is anywhere else and the treatments may vary but they do help.

L. Moureein, CA

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