Manic Depression In UK

About Manic Depression In UK

I am located in the UK and have manic depression.

Manic depression in UK is the same as it is anywhere. I was diagnosed with depression two years ago and placed on medication. It is hard to find good treatment facilities in the UK, so I was taking medication to help me.

Because manic depression causes are not commonly talked about as much in the UK as it is in the US, I decided to move to the US to find more options. I wanted a support group as well as a doctor that could help me more than with just medications.

I found a doctor in Washington that was wonderful in teaching me about diet and different things I could do for myself. Manic depression in UK is not rare, but I find that being in the US is giving me more help that what I was getting.

I do miss my family, which is not good, but I have made some friends and I now have a job that I am functioning great at it every day. Manic depression causes are still new to me, but with the groups help, I am learning more every day. I hope to return one day to the UK, so I can share my experiences with others there.

I am actually thinking about starting some support groups in the UK. I think that every country should have available groups and doctors that can understand manic depression so more people can be helped. I had the money to travel and live here until I found a job, but many people do not have that option.

I have starting taking some classes at a local college and plan to do some form of counseling to help others as I have been helped. Manic depression in UK I believe will be where I use my schooling and everything I learn.

Tony Culver, UK now Washington

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