Leukophobia - Fear Of The Color White

Fear Of The Color White

I always thought I just hate it the color white and did not realize I had Leukophobia- fear of the color white.

One day when I was reading the Internet a discovered this phobia and decided I needed to do something to overcome it.

Your book, Energy Therapy was a big help in overcoming my phobia. I have since been able to accept the color white, and not be as judgmental about it as I once was.

I do appreciate you having such a good book to read, understand, and utilize in overcoming my fear. Thank you very much.

Mary Bassett

Other Names

Color White Fear

Color White Phobia

Fear of Color White

Fear of The Color White

Fear of White

Fear of Whiteness


Phobia of Color White

Phobia of The Color White

Phobia of White

Phobia of Whiteness

The Color White Fear

The Color White Phobia

White Fear

White Phobia

Whiteness Fear

Whiteness Phobia

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