Lockiophobia - Fear Of Childbirth


Lockiophobia- fear of childbirth is something that prevented me from having a family for years.

I was afraid of childbirth, plain and simple. Overcoming this fear was something I really wanted to do so that I could start a family with my husband.

I decided to try your book Phobia Release to see if they could help me overcome my fear and start a family before I was too old.

I am pleased to say that your book worked and I am now three months pregnant with my little girl who I look forward to very much. It would have never happened without your book.

Tanya Jennings

Other Names

Birth Fear

Birth Phobia

Childbirth Fear

Childbirth Phobia

Fear of Birth

Fear of Childbirth

Fear of Giving Birth

Giving Birth Fear

Giving Birth Phobia


Phobia of Birth

Phobia of Childbirth

Phobia of Giving Birth

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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