Ligyrophobia - Fear Of Loud Noises


I have always had Ligyrophobia- fear of loud noises.

I was always considered a drag at parties, because I could not stand loud noises.

I was deathly afraid of loud noises. To overcome my fear, I tried reading your book, Energy Therapy and found it to be very helpful.

I have searched for many years for something to help me and never found anything that worked as well as what your book did.

I just wanted to let you know that I am free of my phobia. Thanks to your book, overcoming my fear was easy and quick.

Sandy Schultz

Other Names

Fear of Loud Noise

Fear of Loud Noises

Fear of Loudness


Loud Noise Fear

Loud Noise Phobia

Loud Noises Fear

Loud Noises Phobia

Loudness Fear

Loudness Phobia

Phobia of Loud Noise

Phobia of Loud Noises

Phobia of Loudness

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