Liticaphobia - Fear Of Lawsuits


I was always afraid to do anything because I was always thought somebody would sue me.

I later found out I had Liticaphobia- fear of lawsuits.

I found your book Energy Therapy and decided to try it and see if they could help me overcome my fear.

I was absolutely amazed that it was able to help me in overcoming my fear and help me not be afraid of doing things that I felt were necessary.

I never thought I would ever find something that could help me. I think your book could help anybody that has the phobia and wants to get rid of it.

Bob Richards

Other Names

Fear of Lawsuit

Fear of Lawsuits

Lawsuit Fear

Lawsuit Phobia

Lawsuits Fear

Lawsuits Phobia


Phobia of Lawsuit

Phobia of Lawsuits

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