Limnophobia - Fear Of Lakes


I have always had Limnophobia- fear of lakes. I always felt there was something in the lake that was going to get me.

Energy Therapy helped me understand my fear as well as overcome my fear.

All overcoming my fear of lakes and ponds is something that I needed to do for a very long time.

I never knew what I was missing when all my friends would go to the lake and spent the day. However, I can say, that today, I am able to go to the lake and enjoy the day with my family. I have overcome my fear.

Bridget Larsen

Other Names

Fear of Lake

Fear of Lakes

Fear of Pond

Fear of Ponds

Lake Fear

Lake Phobia

Lakes Fear

Lakes Phobia


Phobia of Lake

Phobia of Lakes

Phobia of Pond

Phobia of Ponds

Pond Fear

Pond Phobia

Ponds Fear

Ponds Phobia

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