Lygophobia - Fear Of Darkness


Lygophobia- fear of darkness is something that I think most kids have but as adults, it usually goes away.

In my case, it never went away and continued to be a problem. Overcoming my fear was easy after I read your book Phobia Release.

I found that this book was very useful and has techniques to use to overcome a fear.

I have now got over my fear of darkness and can walk in the basement at night or outside it my yard without any problem.

It is something that I have not been able to do for many years. However, thanks to your book, I can now do whatever I want at night in the darkness.

Mason Jenkins

Other Names


Dark Fear

Dark Phobia

Darkness Fear

Darkness Phobia

Fear of Dark

Fear of Darkness

Fear of the Dark

Fear of The Night

Phobia of Dark

Phobia of Darkness

Phobia of the Dark

Phobia of The Night

The Dark Fear

The Dark Phobia

The Night Fear

The Night Phobia

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