Alcohol and Depression Created Turmoil in My Life

Alcohol- The Fatal Taste That Created Hell in My Life

I was proud owner of "Brunswick departmental Store" successful with a good number of clients visiting my store everyday.

Jerry my close friend bought a bottle of vodka with him to celebrate my success, I still remember his words he said "Bruns, What celebration without Vodka", and I tasted it for first time.

Though I did not like it much, but yes! It relaxed my mind. To express most truly I almost felt like a high flier.

Drinking gave pleasure and now I carried my bottle of liquor at the store too. I was a loner getting addicted to alcohol and did not had any family to dissuade me. Due to drinking habits my clients, staff started complaining of misbehavior and billing errors. I just lashed out at them and abused few of them too.

Gradually I lost my clients and things became worse and went worst. I got really short on cash; I started selling off everything in my store, house and sold off everything to get the last penny. No friends, no family, just a bloody drinker lying on the road, penniless and certainly unworthy of any mercy.

It was my friend Jerry only who noticed me lying with an empty bottle on the road and took me to his house. He talked sense to me and really felt sorry for my state because of his single taste of vodka that had created such a terrible state of my life. That guy was a gem as he contacted a rehabilitation center that could help me overcome alcohol addiction and helped me financially to get back in shape.

Today I am fit working in a store and thank each single day to god from saving me from that state. Being embarrassed and shameful I still want to share story of my ruin with you because I don’t want this to happen with anybody. Hey man! Never start with alcohol drinking as the habit might take over you, and you might not be lucky to get a second chance like me.

Brunswick, Chicago.

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