Last Christmas I Shunned Alcohol and Depression

How Did I Overcame Alcohol and Depression

When I stepped in my teens I never hesitated to share a drink or two with my friends at the bar.

Being a teenager all new experiences were fun including fagging and porn movies. Soon we were a gang of four boys who moved and shared lot of stuff in school.

Drinking, smoking and bunking classes became almost an addiction in school premises.

My parents made a hard living and with much effort managed expenses for my studies. My grades always made them proud and content about my future. I got an alarm when our activities started affecting my performance in studies. Teachers often complained about my sleepy behavior, absence of mind and non submission of home assignments.

When I got my grades, instead of showing them to my parents I hid them and managed to sign the book myself. I even started stealing money from my mother’s wallet to cater my alcohol needs. My lifestyle was getting more rotten day by day but I was busy enjoying my teenage. My parents trusted me too much to doubt my credibility.

It was Christmas Eve and my parents placed gifts under the tree, I was excited and sneaked quietly to take look at my share. When I opened it I found a letter addressed to me by my parents it said

"Dear Jackson,

We work very hard for a respectable living and your study expenses. We have full faith in you and your credibility. You may have taken the wrong path but you surely know the right one and we want you to take one. Drinking is for celebration but take in moderation, bunk your classes but do not flunk in your studies. What we have is all yours, don’t steal it ask for it. You are the only asset we have and we want it safe and healthy. Merry Christmas".

I was ashamed of my deeds, I had tears in my eyes and from that moment I decided to shun alcohol, smoking and bad habits. With will power, discipline and my parents support I could come over everything in around 8 weeks. As I am graduating today I feel that last years Christmas was the most blissful part in my life.

Jackson Cornwell

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