I am Sorry For Every Sip of Alcohol I Served and Took and Depression it Cosed

I Apologize ...

My father was a great drinker and he would often request me to make a glass of beer for him.

I used to serve him beer at the age of 7. By 10, I started sharing two drinks with him and by reaching teens I couldn’t do without it.

I needed it as a tonic before everything. My breakfast started with a drink before school, but I was smart to keep mint handy to put off that smell.

There was even a small bottle of alcohol in my locker if I ever needed a drink in the school premises.

All was going well till my teachers noticed a little oddity in my behavior in class and corrected slur in my language almost every ten minutes. My friends started avoiding me and I got depressed. This all encouraged my drinking. They knew something was wrong and so did I. School never found any explanation and I got suspended for odd factors in teenage.

My history teacher met me at a café where I shamefully revealed to her that I am in habit of drinking. She was shocked initially and then politely asked me all the details about how and why I got into drinking. She felt sorry and left!

I knew that alcohol was eating up everything in life fun, friends, education and health. But believe me I was helpless. I just couldn’t live without it. That teacher came back after a few days and bought a counselor friend with her. An angel who brightened my life with positive thoughts and told me many measures I could resort to leave this habit. She met me frequently and explained how many teenagers fall victim to this habit following their parents and it was not too late to start afresh.

I followed her advice and was successful in leaving alcohol after much struggle. I got back into school and am now just about finishing my high school. I share my story to let people see the ray of hope that exist for all of us.

J. Wells, California

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