I Lost Everything in Alcoholic Fire Depression Family Children...

How I Lost Everything in Alcoholic Depression

At 53 today I am not an alcoholic anymore and make a reasonable living for myself. I had made one resolution that I will not let alcohol harm me anymore, and rest fell in place.

With help of a counselor I finally got over my depressed state of drinking and lead a fit happy life.

My struggle was amid my craving and holding my will power, I won with much effort and after losing many times in between. When I look back in my life I have regret, apologies for my family and children who wanted me fine but left me.

I drank everyday to keep fit and enjoy life. People exercise, take pills for fitness and I took alcohol to keep my energy and mood in swing. My wife Jane and children were most dear to me after my job, which required me working at odd hours.

My habits were readily accepted and objected only when I got drunk in access. Gradually with age my odd hours started tiring me and I took to drinking more in casual routine. Blackouts in front of my house became a routine and abusing Jane almost a habit everyday.

Poor thing she suffered physical abuse as well and when my children interfered I locked them up in attic over night. My behavior was disgusting and finally saw dark when I slapped my children and Jane took them away forever. She was right in doing so how could they bear an animal father like me?

I cry many times when I remember them, a curse in disguise called alcohol has power to burn your family, children and take everything away from you. I still feel ashamed to face them and they still haven’t forgiven me, but I will seek their apology till my last breath.

Chris, LA.

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