Statuary Warning - Alcohol and Depression are Injurious to Health

Alcohol, Depression & Health

Do you understand this? I will introduce my self in a single sentence- "I had been drinking for 25 years".

I am sharing my story with you because I believe that only an alcoholic can understand another alcoholic as he has been through similar situations and realizes what triggers one to drink in everyday life.

I understand how difficult it is to take a stern stand when anybody says stop drinking.

I had been eating, drinking, eating and drinking all my life till I resembled a bloated toy and felt that my habits were out of control. A habit which I chose voluntarily became an addiction and soon it was controlling me. One day I decided I couldn’t handle anymore and would finish my life if continued to live life that way.

A friend then suggested a therapist who proved a little help as when I discussed my alcoholism and eating problem with her. She suggested few routine diet changes and sternly advised me against drinking habits. But being a chain drinker her words did not had much impact on me, so I met another therapist he was a blessing in disguise for me.

He listened to me very patiently and suggested that I visit him everyday. He would talk to me about my daily chores and picked up situations when I felt like drinking. He even recommended a few anti depressants to get over the feeling and gave mild sleeping pills so I could sleep peacefully. His words were encouraging and initiated a spark in me to get control of my life again.

He said- "Stanley, it is your life and you know how to handle it in best way, don’t let addictions be in driving seat or you might end with an accident". I just want to stress on one point, give it arty to leave alcohol just don’t let the chance go by, believe in yourself and you will come out a winner.

Stanley, Michigan

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