Will Alcohol and Depression Ever Leave Me?

Will I Ever Get Rid of Alcohol and Depression

Isn’t this a funny question? You would be thinking it should be other way round like will I ever leave alcohol? That’s right. But I used to think as stated formerly in my teens.

A fully engrossed teenager alcoholic, who never completed a meal without drinking, how the habit got over me?

Well there are several answers and none to specify, the most relevant part I would like to share is my pain and suffering because of my drinking habit. I was totally shunned by friends, their parents advised them to stay away from me and the worst was the name they gave me "drunken Daniel" lol!

It felt terrible, what was wrong in taking a few drinks as many of them initially shared their beer mugs with me. I felt alone, isolated and sad. Only my parents stood by me and started keeping a tight vigil on my drinking routine. Next morning when I took the bottle to sip on my mother snatched it from me and told me that I would have to leave this habit if I ever loved them.

She helped me build up a routine where I could cut my alcohol to small portions and bought awesome CDs to keep me busy. She called up my friends and explained it to them that I was trying to get over with alcohol and they should support me for it. She involved in several activities with me so I could be under her eye all the time. Her program worked really well with me for few days but when I got a little weaker she again infused strength by making other possible changes in my routine.

We were all together for me, wow! Believe me that was the only strength in my teenage that helped me fight with drinking habit. Today graduating with excellent grades I am thankful to my parents for being there with me in my difficult times.

Daniel, New York.

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