Rejection in Love, Depression - Alcohol My Only "Savior"

Rejection in Love, Alcohol & Depression

I am not willing to take the burden of being alcoholic alone; all of you are responsible for my present situation.

I write alcohol as my only savior because it was my only rescue. I was an introvert person and never really gelled with my colleagues. School, friends and even at work I was never appreciated for any project.

My colleagues preferred friends and openly expressed "I don’t want to work with Christine". Christine is certainly not wanted at my party, "she is so boring".

I got tired of fighting rejection and found relief in drinking as it became my only friend that welcomed me to take more with every sip. I did not have realized my mistake until I suffered a serious digestive problem.

When my doctor showed me my liver tests I was astounded and realized what harm it did to my health? My doctor alarmed me that if I did not stop taking alcohol it would damage my entire liver and kill me. It was then that I thought I wanted to live.

With tears in my eyes I went back home and would you believe actually grieved at myself. After crying for few hours I decided to call few friends and ask for help. To my surprise they were very supportive. I resolved that I will never drink alcohol again. That was just the beginning, and a little tension drove me back to craving for it.

A tough time but I remained stern I opted for black coffee and tea instead. It was tempting many times and I truthfully had even body aches to drink it but I found away out and joined a sports club instead to redirect my energy. There I could find friends who would keep me abstracted and help me remain firm with my will power.

Now, I have made few friends and stopped consuming alcohol because the only way I read its tag is "Slow Poison".

S. Christine, Ohio.

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