Alcohol then Drugs - Nothing Helped My Depression

Alcohol then Drugs - Huh! Nothing Healed My Depression

Kelly was the most beautiful girl I ever saw, I instantly lost my heart to her in school.

I proposed her for prom dance and she agreed. Voila! That was our first meeting and we were together many times for a pizza or an ice-cream.

I really loved her and thought she also liked me a lot, till she started going out with Steve. On confrontation she out rightly preferred Steve against a sissy, a big heart burn for a teenager. Heart broken that was the day I took my first taste of alcohol.

A close friend suggested that a few drinks in my teens and I will get over it. I went to party every night and took drinks but couldn’t get over the insult from Kelly. There I met a man who seemed to be extremely happy dancing away to the music.

He offered me a powder and told me "man take this and forget your woes, be in ecstasy". He was right but then I needed it everyday, the cravings started bothering my classes and studies.

I hid all this from my parents but truth always shines through lies and I got caught by my sister. My parents were shocked to see their son taking alcohol and drugs.

A teenager caught up in a mess of alcohol and drugs because of a girl was understandable by my father. I thank god that they took command of my life and talked to me about relationships and how such tribulations keep happening in life. They took me to a rehabilitation center that advised me ways to stay away from drugs and how to distance myself from bars and social gatherings.

Initially I was not allowed to move out for three months without my parents supervision, but by then I myself realized that I was wrong and Kelly was certainly not worth the trouble I had put myself into. You may laugh at my reasons and experience but all I can say is even a small anxiety can drive you in wrong direction.

George, Texas

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