Is Alcohol a Disease – Do you Agree?

Is Alcohol a Disease or Not?

Oliver, my son got down to drinking when he was 12 years old; he didn't realize it was a problem until his late teens.

As a son of an alcoholic father and being an alcoholic teenager, he felt heated, lonely, and always loaded with fright.

Now, after 6 months of moderation, he speaks openly and truthfully about his alcoholism and revival. He has now started college and looking forward to bright future prospects.

It's hard to express what led me to drinking, may be it was my effort to attract attention or to get over my insecurities. Taking alcohol was cool, in and I did that without giving a single thought about its effect. And it truly never caused a problem.

Perhaps I considered it a problem when after consuming two -three shots of Vodka I was out and doing funny things. The physical suffering had become common such as black outs, impulsive behavior, nausea and irrational speech. I lost control over my drinks, health and temperament. My health was pitiable I needed support, a shoulder to cry on and be dependent for all that was happening in my life.

That was when a friend suggested a rehab center for alcoholics. Initially I was reluctant to make a fool of myself, but then that was the only silver lining I could see in the dark clouds. I guess that step was a complete savior in my life.

I met many teenagers who had similar addiction, the center had a plan charted out for us which advised step by step instructions about how to deal with isolation, urge and control temperament. They had few meditation sessions to calm nerves and taught to get mind in control.

I just have to say one thing If you can’t handle it yourself, take help and get well really soon. Alcoholism is a deadening disease – admit that and get cured.

John, NYC

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