List Of Phobia Names & Cure M

List Of Phobia Names & Cure M

Macrophobia - Fear Of Long Waits

Mageirocophobia - Fear Of Cooking

Maieusiophobia - Fear Of Childbirth

Malaxophobia - Fear Of Love Play, Sarmassophobia

Mastigophobia - Fear Of Punishment

Maniaphobia - Fear Of Insanity

Mechanophobia - Fear Of Machines

Medomalacuphobia - Fear Of Losing An Erection

Medorthophobia - Fear Of An Erect Penis

Megalophobia - Fear Of Large Things

Melissophobia - Fear Of Bees

Melanophobia - Fear Of The Color Black

Melophobia - Fear Or Hatred Of Music

Meningitophobia - Fear Of Brain Disease

Menophobia - Fear Of Menstruation

Merinthophobia - Fear Of Being Bound Or Tied Up

Metallophobia - Fear Of Metal

Metathesiophobia - Fear Of Changes

Meteorophobia - Fear Of Meteors

Methyphobia - Fear Of Alcohol

Metrophobia - Fear Or Hatred Of Poetry

Microbiophobia - Fear Of Microbes (Bacillophobia)

Microphobia - Fear Of Small Things

Misophobia Or Mysophobia - Fear Of Being Contaminated With Dirt Or Germs

Mnemophobia - Fear Of Memories

Molysmophobia Or Molysomophobia - Fear Of Dirt Or Contamination

Monophobia - Fear Of Solitude Or Being Alone

Monopathophobia - Fear Of Definite Disease

Motorphobia - Fear Of Automobiles

Motteophobia - Fear Of Moths

Musophobia Or Muriphobia - Fear Of Mice

Mycophobia - Fear Or Aversion To Mushrooms

Mycrophobia - Fear Of Small Things

Myrmecophobia - Fear Of Ants

Mythophobia - Fear Of Myths, Stories, Or False Statements

Myxophobia - Fear Of Slime (Blennophobia)

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