Anti Depression Drug That Helped Me

Anti Depression Drug

Let me tell you about the anti depression drug that helped me during my years at college when I ran into a state of depression due to quite a few reasons common among people of my age group.

Causes of teen depression struck me from the boredom of studies and associated problems of peer problems and a social environment of uncertainty that surrounded me during those years.

I needed medications but at the same time I also needed something that would not have any adverse effects or side effects that could hamper my health.

I studied the details over Internet and then consulted a doctor who lived around the campus of my college. He remarked that there exists broadly two different kinds of anti depression drug categories, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and Tricyclic anti depressant. Out of these two the first is something that is taken for short-term dosages and the latter for long term ones. He even suggested that I must necessarily take the first category of medication to avoid any side effects to as much extent as possible.

I began with taking a drug named Prozac and it helped me quite a few days. Actually anti depression drugs make the chemical balancing of the mind adjust to certain combinations and thus affect the sensations of pain, agony and the associated factors that affect the state of depression to happen.

After a month or so I noticed the effect was reducing and thus I went back to my doctor friend. He told me that due to the effect of my activities and timings my body was getting resistant to the effect of the medication and thus I could feel the effect getting away gradually. He then suggested me to take the medicine Celexa and thus I continued with this new drug and gradually it worked and I could concentrate in my work and activities.

I went along and told myself that will power was the best medicine that helped me out of this state of depression and along with it the causes of teen depression was something that I could eliminate with my support of friends too. The medications indeed helped me a lot and thus I must say that it is important to consult a doctor before plunging into the decision to take anti depression medicines.


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