What Causes College Depression at My Campus

College Depression at My Campus

Depression anxiety signs and symptoms are common among the modern masses that lead a fast profile life in today’s world.

A problem makes us suffer from various issues that transform to chronic illness if not dealt in the early stages.

Thus, we need to know and understand these causes of teenage depression right away to treat them effectively with proper care and guidance.

After talking to most of my friends, I have come to know that mainly due to various family problems they suffer from depression. The problems relate to either their parents extra marital affairs or the not matching mentality attitude between them. There are some other causes of depression, which sounds more saviors as it hits the person directly.

Things like physical abuses and verbal abuses result to depression. Then there are many incidents like incapability in excelling in academic field for which they are again spitted upon. Academics are a field where each one of us wants to excel and generally a competition gets into the minds and builds up a strange peer pressure that seems to increase the problems of teenage depression.

This is a case of acute problem since the campus always fathoms the depths of this competition and the socio economic structure leads to such a weird problem all around us.

Causes of teenage depression are of other types as well which are accumulating in the mind. Usually I have noticed that common issues of heart break and love causes people to develop the signs and symptoms of teenage depression that lead them to adverse states of agony and pain subsequently.

Involvement to the other gender and subsequent breaking up looks like a big mountain and leads to issues of such great problems all around that makes things so much more complicated that the students are unable to reveal their agony o closed groups as well and thus develop an acute state of depression. This is indeed very common in and around my campus.

Cause of teen depression is what has made the issue of depression common around my campus and it indeed needs serious fighting by the folks and the supervisors to handle the cases.

J. Charles, FL


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