My Clinical Manic Depression Signs and Symptoms

Clinical Manic Depression Signs and Symptoms

Let me tell you guys about my clinical manic depression signs and symptoms.

To understand what are the signs and symptoms of maniac depression you have to understand the cause of maniac depression within yourself as well.

This is important and a consultation with a good doctor would yield a fine result in this area.

Aching of the body is something that sometimes occurs as the primary problem in these cases. Also known as bipolar depression this is indeed a serious state of problem in depression cases. Manic depression symptoms, or symptoms of clinical depression can be indeed very painful and thus when I was experiencing problems with the trouble of depression then I tried to go for understanding the signs well so that I could go for treatment or even therapy to relieve myself of any major issues.

I looked for consultation with many of my friends and a few consulting doctors and also searched over the Internet for details of the signs and symptoms. I learned that they develop gradually sometimes and slowly over a period of time and thus one cannot notice any sudden changes.

This was exactly what I was facing. I could observe a change in my food cycle and sleep disorder was slowly biting into my self. I could feel the change in my body weight as well. Lack of energy and thoughts of future fallacies and fears started to grab into my mind. I understood that indeed these were signs and symptoms of maniac depression that was gradually becoming evident in my self. My temper was something that had been stable always and then I could see a change in this area as well and I started to become short tempered as well.

I even started to become low in self-esteem and also had thoughts of suicide at certain times. I understood that indeed I was suffering through these problems and then rushed for a specific treatment and thus was able to help myself.

Cause of manic depression can be varied my their symptoms and signs need to be understood as I did so as to relieve oneself from the adverse suffering that might come into a smooth life.

M. Hunady, New York


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