Jimi Hendrix Manic Depression Thought Me

Jimi Hendrix Manic Depression

Firstly I must tell you that Jimi Hendrix was essentially an American guitarist, singer and songwriter.

He made a definite mark in the flow of the history of rock music.

Being a guitarist he made his mark in the world of the world music and opened up new dimensions.

Maniac depression song and lyrics written by Jimi Hendrix has an acute and touching sense within it and thus helps a lot to everyone who indulges into the subject. It deals with the cause of maniac depression and the effect and agony it carries along with itself.

The song generally speaks of the pain the author goes through when he considers the song itself. The lyric goes on with a popular tempo mentioning the following:

Manic depression is touching my soul

I know what I want but I just don't know

How to, go about gettin' it

Feeling sweet feeling,

Drops from my fingers, fingers

Manic depression is catchin' my soul

Woman so weary, the sweet cause in vain

You make love; you break love

It's all the same

When it's, when it's over, mama

Music, sweet music

I wish I could caress, caress, caress

Manic depression is a frustrating mess

Ow! Ow! Music sweet music sweet music

Sweet music sweet music


It tells essentially of the problems faced by men, women, children and teens and also the various causes like breaking ups in love and other things that affect the launch of maniac depression. He even tells in the lyrics that music is something that soothes the mind and can help the people to fight maniac depression altogether to a big extent.

Jimi Hendrix used his power of the guitar and his song and lyrics to spread the word regarding the awareness for this problem that grabs many in today’s society.

M. Clow, Miami


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