My Signs of Teenage Depression

Teenage Depression

Let me tell you a story about a girl.

She was very introvert but day-by-day, she was becoming ignorant, irritable, and aggressive.

She was avoiding everything and everyone. Was it depression? It was depression. Causes of teen depression were many in her case.

Being a teenager, she had no clue where she could seek help. Her health was degrading with the passing time. Her soft kind nature was becoming violent and harsh. Bunking school and visiting different pubs was her new engagements. She started skipping meals and became a chain smoker.

Everybody in her neighborhood disliked her and abused her as well as her family. She cried whenever she was alone in her room. No one came to listen to her words. Her feelings were enclosed with in her and only darkness became her companion. Life was becoming very boring and monotonous…

Causes of teen depression bogs up a child’s mind. They cannot breathe properly and suffocate due to the negative air around them. The girl whom I was talking about was none other than I. Yes! My childhood was miserable. I came out of it though it took a long time.

The person who gave me a new life is the most special to me. He is none other than my boyfriend now my husband. We met each other at a pub when I was only eighteen years of age and he was then twenty-five. As usual, I was sitting alone and crying as was drunk I was not in my actual senses. He brought me to my house and stayed with me until the morning listening to my nonsense but finding meaning in them.

From that night onwards, things changed for better. We became good friends and slowly I came out of my sorrow that is my depressions and now I am leading a very happy married life and I have two kids who love me too! Therefore Causes of depression can be overcome. Tanks too Peter!

G. Richards, S. Carolina


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