Teenage Depression Statistics that I Found

Teenage Depression Statistics

I would definitely like to share the teenage depression statistics that I found.

Being an analysis of Human resource data I am used to checking out different behavioral information.

Thus I one day tried out of my general interest of the subject to study the cause of teen depression and thus went ahead to get the details of the statistics of the problem among the young generation of today.

I looked into different data as well as consulted websites and Internet to get my collection of data to make an analysis and thus came up with some interesting facts. I was able to decipher that twenty percent of children or teenagers have some kind of psychological, behavioral, or poignant problems, and that perhaps ten percent can develop it into a severe emotional issue if not taken care of with urgency.

To understand the statistics I even went ahead to make an analysis as to what would be the number of children or teenagers that do receive the adequate amount of perfect treatment or counseling. This would indicate the amount of awareness among the folks for the need to fight this severe problem that is gradually grabbing the young minds of the society who are the true future of the country or the world.

To my understanding about only one-third obtain any type of help or treatment for facing their issue to get it solved while the remaining live with the issues, out of which some are able to fight and get over while the rest live with it for a long time of agony and pain within themselves. This adversely affects their advent to adulthood and thus spoils their growth and makes things worse for their mental growth forever. As part of my study I also found out that as per The National Institute of Mental Health, teenager females are more prone to inculcate depression than teenager males and thus people need to take more care of their children and understand the issues that they might be facing.

My study was a purely personal one but my findings were not. I could decipher that cause of teen depression needs to be faced with utmost seriousness as any other deadly disease as it gives a lot of agony to the sufferers and thus I must tell that it is something that I feel deeply within myself.

The teenage depression statistics that I found are indeed a good finding and I even shared it with my friends who can perhaps help it to reach to many people.

M. Smith, N.J.


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