Test for Manic Depression that I Took

Test for Manic Depression

Before I reveal the test for manic depression that I took, I must tell you that there is no hard and fast test like the blood test that gives you the results for maniac depression.

Instead it is something that is done to understand the cause of maniac depression in the individuals and then go ahead with an endeavor to eliminate the problem of bipolar depression or maniac depression as it is popularly known among every one.

The test that I took was when I made an appointment with a doctor and counselor who talked to me about the various aspects of the symptoms that I was facing.

He was a healthcare specialist who calmly talked to me over a few sessions and noted down my signs of depression and asked me a lot of question about the various states and feelings that I was going thought over a period of time since this sort of depression often occurs over a period of time and I was facing the problem that were occurring gradually over a few months of time.

I understood that there was no standard test to detect the cause of maniac depression and thus a consultancy is something that needs to be sought. The test involved the consultation of my personal problems as well as any history of such issues in my family that I could have inherited as often it comes via such channels as well or through the environment that I was living in.

They tried to understand if I was going through any change of disposition or temper and as well as any fluctuations in y regular habits an thus I revealed everything during my sessions and this was the test that they conducted to specify my problem of maniac depression through the analysis of the phase I was in.

Cause of maniac depression in me was detected and I went for a therapy and counseling treatment and was successfully able to eliminate my problems. Thus I must say that every one of us must go for such tests that are unconventional but indeed effective to help people like us who face this serious problem.

C. Gorsky, N.Z.


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