Depression in College Students at My Campus

Depression in College

College days are the most cherish able days of our adulthood.

The college freedom that we get is something that we crave for when we are still young.

Nowadays, this freedom is not being used in a very safe manner, which gradually becomes the cause of teen depression.

Many friends in my college are suffering from acute depression because of various reasons.

They have in turn become addicted to drugs, smoking, and alcohol. My friends often bunk classes and practice these ill habits in isolated areas. These people never listen to others and feel that whatever they are doing is correct. One of my friends Suzan, from a broken family, has become so much addicted to cocaine that often she is hospitalized for blood transfusion.

She blames her parents for her this condition. When I look at her feel blessed. Even if I want to help such people, I cannot as these people become very much stubborn. One of my other friends never returns home. Sounds strange but he feels that at home his parents will look at him and ridicule him for his lack of worth.

College campus is really that place where you can find the young generation brooding over various matters and gradually becoming depressed of their existence. When I try to talk to these people, I can actually understand that they are depressed s often they talk about suicide, sleeplessness, weakness etc. Some people are depressed yet they do not accept they are. They want to hide their emotions but their actions cannot. Causes of depression can be many and the reasons may be so varied that we have no clue of.

Causes of depression can be anything but it is the duty of the adults to look into these causes and try to find a way out for the ones who are depressed and need help!

B. Grall, Washington


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