Anti Depression Medications that I Used

Anti Depression Medications

Causes of teen depression were something that haunted me for years being a teenager.

The suffering led me to a great state of agony.

I needed a way to prevent this from taking over my mind and soul and the pain was immeasurable and thus I reverted to medications.

Anti depression medications that I used were varied and I got counseled from my teacher before taking these medications in mild dosages.

Usually an anti depressant medicine eliminates certain organics or rather chemicals from the brain like serotonin that helps the brain to maneuver moods and also helps in common works of a human being like eating and sleeping and the thought process and sense. The medications indeed help attain a balance of the chemical combinations and thus reduce depression of a sufferer.

I learned that there are essentially two kinds of anti depressants, namely selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and the other is Tricyclic anti depressant. I used quite a few anti depressants like Lexapro, Celexa and Prozac. These are of the first kind and treat small term depressions. The later category of anti depressant primarily covers long-term problems.

These are ones like Norpramin or Elavil. Basically anti depressants have some kinds of side effects in human anatomy and thus I did not want to get on with anything that would be long term. I needed to adhere to short-term medications that I could get rid of pretty easily.

Thus I chose the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, whose brand names I have just mentioned above. Another issue that a long-term medication can have is on other medications and thus we all need to be careful before taking such a medicine and consult a doctor as well.

Causes of teen depression is quite common in today’s society but anti depression medications that I used too must be avoided as much as possible and revert to a natural process and I feel that it would do a greater good than any medicine possibly can.

A. Bond, NYC


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