Causes of Teenage Depression in My Case

Causes of Teenage Depression

Causes of teen depression may be due to various reasons.

They may be of varied types. Depression in teenagers occur mainly due to their loneliness, company of bad friends, parents separation etc.

The same thing happened in my case too. Being a child, I really do not know when I saw my parents together.

They always seemed to be so much engaged in their own world. They were always arguing when ever together and I…

My life slowly became very dull. The only task I had was trying to bring them together. However, failed each time. Slowly as grew up I saw the actual reason behind their fights. They had no love between them and just for my sake, they were together in front of me but behind my back, they had affairs with other people. I felt cheated, I felt disgusted.

From then onwards I became ignorant felt lonely and became accustomed to cigarettes. When I reached high school, my parents thought of separating. Good for them but they never ever thought about me. They gave me a choice, a choice to choose my legal guardian.

I loved both of them, I just had nothing to say and soon after, I was sent to a boarding school. Now and then, my parents did call me; sometimes they even cursed me for my birth. By then I had become very addicted to alcohol and smoking. School became my enemy and pubs my dear friends. The change in my life took place when I was eighteen. Peter came into my life and now I am very happy and I too feel special and wanted for him.

Depression in teenagers should never happen because very less teens can actually get over it. Every parent should look into the fact that children are a gift of God; instead of neglecting them we should love them, nurture them.

K. Johnson, California


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