List Of Phobia Names Cure P

Pagophobia - Fear Of Ice Or Frost

Panthophobia - Fear Of Suffering And Disease

Panophobia Or Pantophobia- Fear Of Everything

Papaphobia - Fear Of The Pope

Papyrophobia - Fear Of Paper

Paralipophobia- Fear Of Neglecting Duty Or Responsibility

Paraphobia - Fear Of Sexual Perversion

Parasitophobia - Fear Of Parasites

Paraskavedekatriaphobia - Fear Of Friday The 13th

Parthenophobia - Fear Of Virgins Or Young Girls

Pathophobia - Fear Of Disease

Patroiophobia - Fear Of Heredity

Parturiphobia - Fear Of Childbirth

Peccatophobia - Fear Of Sinning Or Imaginary Crimes

Pediculophobia - Fear Of Lice

Pediophobia - Fear Of Dolls

Pedophobia - Fear Of Children

Peladophobia - Fear Of Bald People

Pellagrophobia - Fear Of Pellagra

Peniaphobia - Fear Of Poverty

Pentheraphobia - Fear Of Mother-In-Law (Novercaphobia)

Phagophobia - Fear Of Swallowing Or Of Eating Or Of Being Eaten

Phalacrophobia - Fear Of Becoming Bald

Phallophobia - Fear Of A Penis, ESP Erect

Pharmacophobia - Fear Of Taking Medicine

Pharmacophobia - Fear Of Drugs

Phasmophobia - Fear Of Ghosts

Phengophobia - Fear Of Daylight Or Sunshine

Philemaphobia Or Philematophobia - Fear Of Kissing

Philophobia - Fear Of Falling In Love Or Being In Love

Philosophobia - Fear Of Philosophy

Phobophobia - Fear Of Phobias


Photoaugliaphobia - Fear Of Glaring Lights

Photophobia- Fear of light

Phonophobia - Fear Of Noises, Voices, Or One's Own Voice; Of Telephones

Phronemophobia - Fear Of Thinking

Phthiriophobia - Fear Of Lice (Pediculophobia)

Phthisiophobia - Fear Of Tuberculosis

Placophobia - Fear Of Tombstones

Plutophobia - Fear of wealth

Pluviophobia- Fear of rain or of being rained on.

Phengophobia Fear Daylight Sunshine.html

Pneumatiphobia Fear of Spirits

Pnigerophobia - Fear Of Choking Or Being Smothered

Pnigophobi Pnigerophobia

Pogonophobia - Fear Of Beards

Poinephobia Fear of Punishment.html

Poliosophobia Fear Contracting Poliomyelitis.html

Politicophobia - Fear Or Abnormal Dislike Of Politicians

Polyphobia - Fear Of Many Things

Ponophobia - Fear Of Overworking Or Of Pain

Porphyrophobia - Fear Of The Color Purple

Potamophobia - Fear Of Rivers Or Running Water

Potophobia Fear of Alcohol

Pocrescophobia Fear Gaining Weight

Proctophobia - Fear Of Rectums

Prosophobia - Fear Of Progress

Psellismophobia - Fear Of Stuttering

Psychophobia - Fear Of Mind

Psychrophobia - Fear Of Cold

Pteromerhanophobia - Fear Of Flying

Pteronophobia - Fear Of Being Tickled By Feathers

Pupaphobia - Fear Of Puppets

Pyrexiophobian - Fear Of Fever

Pyrophobia - Fear Of Fire

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